8 May, 2018 – Expedition Update

Following Columbus Expedition IV
Long Cay south of South Caicos
8 May, 2018

This year’s and our fourth expedition is directed by Captain Tim Ainley aboard our Robertson and Caine Catamaran Destiny III, Captain Dave Calvert of Cat Island, Bahamas. Accompanying these expedition stalwarts are Megan Wynn of MythFactory, London, our cameraman François Sottet of Image Production, Bordeaux, and your correspondent, Josiah Marvel, TCI Columbus historian.

We departed Caicos Marina and Shipyard at 8:30 this morning and set a course across the Caicos Bank to Long Cay south of South Caicos. Spent the day in a determined navigation in the face of a persistent southeast wind and chop. At 6 PM we arrive in good time to anchor off the west coast of Long Cay. Celebratory rum for all.

Today has been an opportunity for members of this Following Columbus Expedition to renew acquaintances and catch up on events since Expedition III in 2016 on Captain Dave’s newly acquired luxuriously appointed Destiny III.

During 2018, Captain Tim had occasion to work with archaeologist Shaun Sullivan, who excavated the important Middle Caicos site he named MC-6 in 1977. Plans have now been set to study a site near Caicos Marina and Shipyard before an approved development takes over the site. The organisers of the dig intend to include Provo students interested in investigating this very early history of their country.

Tomorrow we cross the Columbus Passage to an anchorage to be determined by its protection from the weather on Grand Turk. Thence we head east to photograph what we believe, and our research confirms, Columbus and his men saw the morning of 12 October 1492.

Respectfully submitted,

Josiah Marvel 9 May 2018