9th November, 2016

9 November, 2016

Prisoners of Paradise, Little Harbour, Long Island.

Stormy seas and large wave in the Southern Ocean

North Atlantic waves come from off the Carolinas to batter the east coast of Long Island.

Our departure from this exquisite harbour today was prevented by an unusual high train of North Atlantic waves continuing the entire day and rendering the narrow entrance too treacherous to navigate. So, being of good heart, we spent the day exploring the harbour with¬†Destiny‘s tender and Captain Tim became the day’s hero by catching a good-sized spiny lobster destined for Captain Dave’s Lucullan lobster alfredo dinner.

This wave train, originating far out to sea in the Atlantic, offers another good reason to think twice before anchoring even outside the entrance to Little Harbour on a weather shore.

The forecast promises more favourable conditions for departing Little Harbour tomorrow, so we spent the evening after dinner in song accompanying Dave’s fine strumming on his Martin guitar.

We should return to studying Crooked Island and Long Cay/Fortune Island tomorrow.

Respectfully Submitted

Josiah Marvel

Expedition scholar